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What is placenta?

A placenta is an internal organ that connects the body of a mother and her fetus, making the growth of the fetus possible. It is a short-lived internal organ that initially forms when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall and finishes its lifecycle as it is expelled out of the mother’s body after the birth of the baby.
The placenta is indispensible in enabling the fertilized egg to grow into a baby of approximately 3 kg in only 10 months, as it carries out the functions of excretion, metabolism, immunity, respiration and endocrine. These beneficial functions of the placenta have been known around the world for a long time, and the placenta has been highly valued as a nutritional revitalizer or a rejuvenative medicine. The fact that apart from humans most placental mammals recover their strength by eating the placenta of their young after the childbirth is a further proof that the placenta is rich in nutrients and contains a number of active ingredients.
Placenta is made up of 10 kinds of amino acids including essential amino acids, activated peptide, vitamins, minerals as well as other compounds.
The existence of many growth promoting substances in the placenta, for example, nerve growth factor, liver cell growth factor, and colony stimulating factor, has also been confirmed.
In our clinic, the two most popular methods to harvest these beneficial substances are an injection or an intravenous drip containing placenta extract. Actually, many patients come to our clinic for these injections.
Although in Japan only medical institutes such as clinics or hospitals are allowed to provide patients with these injections, the same effect can be achieved by digesting MD Porcine 100, a placenta supplement exclusively used by medical institutes, which you can easily take without having to visit any medical institute. We highly recommend you to try this extract.

Benefits of placenta

  • 1.Regulates the autonomic nerves
  • 2.Regulates the internal secretion of hormones
  • 3.Strengthens the immune system (and promotes resistance against diseases)
  • 4.Improves and speeds up basal metabolism (stimulates cells and internal organs)
  • 5.Removes reactive oxygen (protects your body from oxidation)
  • 6.Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • 7.Controls blood pressure
  • 8.Accelerates healing of wounds and damaged tissue
  • 9.Acts as a mood stabilizer
  • 10.Strengthens the functioning of the liver
  • 11.Increases milk production in pregnant women
  • 12.Acts as an antiallergenic agent (reduces allergic symptoms)
  • 13.Improves physical condition
  • 14.Improves circulation of the blood
  • 15.Accelerates hematosis (blood formation)
  • 16.Acts as an antimutagen (prevents mutations)
  • 17.Speeds up recovery from fatigue
  • 18.Improves appetite

Although many benefits can be expected after receiving an injection of placenta extract, in Japan you can only be injected in medical institutions such as clinics, and therefore it is much simpler to use placenta supplements.
As the benefits of placenta started gaining a lot of attention, however, the Japanese market was flooded with various placenta supplements. Therefore, our company has focused on finding placenta supplements of the highest quality.
The effective components of the MD Porcine 100 placenta supplement that we offer have been extracted using the same ethical pharmaceutical technology as Laennec, the placenta injection by Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.
MD Porcine 100 is a domestically produced pure dietary supplement extracted from domestic placenta using a unique technology to secure the various biologically active components a placenta contains. It is guaranteed not to contain any food additives, preservatives or any other components in larger doses. Pig placenta is similar to that of humans, so almost all placenta supplements, including ones on domestic mail order, contain pig placenta.
The effectiveness and safety of MD Porcine 100 are completely different from other placenta supplement products.

What is "MD Porcine 100"?

MD Porcine 100 is a placenta supplement extracted from pig placenta, which is medically the closest alternative to human placenta. The safety standards in its manufacture are similar to those of JBP (Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd), a global leader in the business, and its active ingredients have been extracted in a fashion identical to the technique used by JBP in extracting Laennec, a medical-use placenta injection. MD Porcine 100 is a pure, high-quality product as no additives or preservatives whatsoever have been used in the manufacturing process. As this JBP-manufactured placenta extract has such strong beneficial effects, in Japan only medical institutions are allowed to market it, and Excellent Medical is the sole company with exclusive e-commerce rights to sell this product.

About the difference between Placenta supplement and Placenta injection (Laennec)

JBP produce “MD Porcine100” and also “Laennec injection”.According to research conducted by JBP, 2 capsules of MD Porcine 100 have an equal effect to that of one ampoule of the Laennec injection. In other words, a daily dosage of four MD Porcine 100 capsules replicates the effect of having two daily injections of Laennec. Placenta has what some might call a mysterious power that helps develop the minuscule fertilized ovum into a new human life. This is why it has numerous beneficial effects that enable people to stay healthy and youthful. First, it balances your system and improves the hormone levels. It also fine-tunes your autonomic nervous system, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and boosts your energy, resistance and immune system. In addition, it keeps your skin healthy by binding collagen and by preventing the production of melanin. Other positive effects you may expect include supporting liver functions and preventing oxidation by neutralizing free radicals.


One box contains 100 capsules to be used over a period of approximately one month ? 3-6 pills a day.
The capsules should be taken with plenty of hot or cold water depending on your preference. We recommend taking 3 pills when in good physical shape and 6 when in bad physical condition. It takes approximately one hour for the active ingredients to reach all parts of the body.


100 capsules in a box.


Placenta extract (pig); capsule (gelatin / titanium dioxide, food red no.102, food blue no.1)

Nutritional information

Energy 7.7 kcal, protein 1.5g, lipids 0.2g, carbohydrates 0.1g, sodium 77mg, iron 0.8mg, calcium 15.8mg

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MD Porcine100

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1 trial sample contain 20 capsules.
MD Porcine 100 trial

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