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What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol is a natural herbal remedy extracted from the bark of French Maritime Pine that grows on the coast of the Bordeaux region in southwest France. It contains over 40 different kinds of flavonoids including Procyanidin. It is said to have an antioxidizing effect 340 times more powerful than vitamin C and 170 times that of vitamin E. Many studies have been published on the effectiveness of Pycnogenol in alleviating medical conditions women commonly suffer from such as endometriosis. Although people may experience the effects of the Pycnogenol supplement slightly differently, we are nevertheless more than dedicated to making sure you have a chance to benefit from its remarkable natural effect.
Since the 13th century, North American indigenous people have been ingesting polyphenol and flavonoids by drinking a tea-like concoction infused with the bark of a pine growing on the coastal regions of the Atlantic Ocean. There are also records remaining from the winter of 1535 that tell how Native Canadians saved Jacques Cartier, a French Explorer, and his exploration party from a certain death due to scurvy by showing them how to make this remedy by boiling pine bark and needles in water. The effectiveness of Pycnogenol has been recognized and put to good use as early as in the 13th century.
Over 400 years later, research into flavonoids began in universities around the world. Researchers studying physiologically active flavonoids finally came across the bark of the French Maritime Pine. They discovered that the bark of pine trees growing especially in the Gascony region (in the outskirts of the current Bordeaux region) was biologically highly usable and contained physiologically highly active flavonoids. Horphag Research Ltd., a Swiss company, named the extract Pycnogenol and started marketing this new product.

A Message from the Developer

I myself have tested many kinds of supplements in order to offer them to the patients I daily examine.
That was when I came across Pycnogenol.
After thoroughly testing its ingredients and effects I was able to confirm that its ingredients meet the three criteria I look for in supplements; that they are safe, natural and have basis in scientific research. This is how Pycnogenol Excellent Plus was born. The strongest reason why I recommend this product is not only its safety, backed up by 40 years of research around the world, but also the pharmaceutical data established in clinical studies. The safe and scientifically tested Pycnogenol supplement is already attracting plenty of attention in protecting your beauty and health.
The Director of the Medical Beauty Center Daimyo-machi Skin Clinic, Dr. Hashimoto Shintaro

The Benefits of Pycnogenol Excellent Plus

Pycnogenol has a powerful anti-oxidizing effect. It prevents the skin from aging as well and protects against a number of diseases by removing reactive oxygen. Due to its beneficial effect on the tolerance of blood vessels and blood circulation, Pycnogenol is also regarded effective against medical conditions ranging from arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and lumbago to even so-called "economy-class seat syndrome". In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, and has also been confirmed effective against dysmenorrhea and endometriosis.
Apart from Pygnogenol, the main ingredient of Pycnogenol Excellent Plus, the supplement contains beet oligosaccharose, which stimulates the renewal of the skin, and collagen, which keeps the skin moistened. This combination provides even further benefits for your skin. The combined effect of Pycnogerol and these skin-beautifying ingredients helps prevent the aging of your skin and keeps away spots, freckles and wrinkles caused by ultra-violet rays. Pycnogenol Excellent Plus supports your health and beauty every day.

Recommended especially for those who


Swallow four tablets as a nutrition supplement with hot or cold water once or twice a day.


1 package contains 120 tablets.


Olive oil, French Maritime Pine bark extract, beet oligosaccharide, collagen (animal source), selenium yeast, Bacillus coagulans, gelatin (animal source), glycerin, glycerol fatty acid ester, beeswax, vitamin C, vitamin E, caramel coloring, cochineal coloring, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12 (Some ingredients may contain traces of milk).

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